Weidemann Christine: «A Year in Art: The Activity Book»

Жанр: Prestel

Книга 2009 года, 376 страниц
Weidemann Christine: A Year in Art: The Activity Book

1345.00 руб.

ISBN: 978-3-7913-4355-6, твердый переплет

1345.00 руб.

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Издатель: Prestel

What better way to learn about art than to create your own masterpiece alongside another, find hidden details that add to an understanding of the artwork, read fascinating stories about how the piece came to be created, or take an entertaining quiz that leads to a deeper appreciation of the technique and theme. Modeled after Prestel's successful A Year in Art series, this beautifully produced activity book introduces children to many of the world's greatest artworks - ranging from African masks to European paintings and modern art. Hands-on projects are sure to spark children's imaginations while imparting important knowledge that will serve them well as they grow older. The book is perfect for all kinds of drawing and the exquisite reproductions will impress kids of all ages. Whether used at home or in a classroom, this engaging and enriching book will delight children, their parents, and teachers with its endless opportunities to create and learn about art.

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