Kuhl Isabel: «50 Sculptures You Should Know»

Жанр: Prestel

Книга 2009 года, 176 страниц
Kuhl Isabel: 50 Sculptures You Should Know

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ISBN: 978-3-7913-4338-9, мягкая обложка

1503.00 руб.

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Издатель: Prestel

For centuries artists have been expressing their ideas, faith, passion, and rage in three-dimensional works that reflect historical eras, tell stories, reveal mysteries, and even create scandals. Starting from ancient times and continuing through the Classical, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, Romantic, and Modern periods, this collection introduces readers to the artists and works that make sculpture such an exciting medium to explore. Among the artists included in the book are Michelangelo, Bernini, Rodin, Duchamp, Giacometti, Calder, Moore, Beuys, de Saint Phalle, and Bourgeois. From the Madonna of Essen, the oldest known sculpture of the Virgin Mary, to the sinuous metal sheets that make up Richard Serra's Matter of Time, each work is presented in spreads that offer beautiful photographs, biographical profiles of the artists, historical context, and anecdotal information. Broader texts describe various eras and styles as the book moves chronologically toward the present day, providing an art history lesson for everyone.

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